Learning for Business Success Research Paper

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This assignment requires you to further develop your assessment 1 with discussion, reflection and evidence (both from your reading and your own activities) showing how you have learned during the year and how you have developed the THREE skills which you identified in your Personal Development Plan.
As with assessment 1, you should write another essay of 1750 words which explains and discusses how you implemented your plan, discussing difficulties you encountered and how you attempted to overcome any problems. You should make reference to some theoretical models, that may have been discussed in class and also from your wider reading, to help to explain your progress and development. This writing must use Harvard Referencing.
You must attach in the webfolio folders the supporting evidence, for example word documents, presentations, images, assessment and feedback comments from peers, tutors or a workplace. As before, the links and the supporting documentation are not part of the word count for the assignment.
During the class sessions there will be formative assessments through group work and individual activities which will assist you in creating a bank of evidence from which you can select. You may also have other evidence which is relevant to demonstrate progress, possibly drawn from other modules you are studying this year or from your place of work if you are employed.

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