Macroenvironment analysis on UAE market Research Paper

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My topic exactly about (Political Environment in UAE)
* Work on one assigned macroenvironment force.
* Use the content in textbook as example, and conduct your own research on UAE market.
Maybe you will find the book online (book title : Principles of marketing ? Fourteenth Edition ? Philip Kotler & Gary Armstrong)

* Provide source of information as footnotes or references
(in-text citation and reference page.
(Reference should be in APA style)

* Think of the relevant environmental issues, and discuss at least FOUR of them that you think are the most import in your report.
* Conduct analysis from the company?s perspective.

* Highlight high broadly those issues affect the marketing environment and how they are or are going to be affected?

* This research should be in 3 pages and you have to use 5 sources
UAE data sources (For help, if u need it , u can use it )

? UAE National Bureau of Statistics
? Statistics Center in each emirate
? Chamber of Commerce and Industry in each emirate
? Local newspapers and news websites
? CIA World Factbook
? Other credible sources of reports

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