Making a Difference as a PD Leader Essay Help

Post your reflections to the above prompts based on this week’s Learning Resources and your cumulative learning in this program and this course. The main purpose is to share what you are excited about, who you are and will continue to be as a professional development leader, and how you will continue to have an impact on professional learning in your school or district. This week you had an opportunity to review the “Professional Development Leadership” video program and the “Power of One” article two resources that were also used in the first professional development specialization course. Reflect on your professional growth and how these resources and their meaning to you as a professional developer may have changed as a result of all you have learned about designing, evaluating, and implementing professional development. In what ways do you feel more empowered now and how will your learning help you to be a leader and advocate for effective professional development? This week you also learned about change facilitator styles (including your own, by completing the questionnaire) and considered some important ways to sustain professional development efforts in the “Answering the ‘How Will We Sustain the Focus and Momentum?’ Question” book excerpt and the final chapter of the “Community Middle School: A Case Story of Implementation.” Based on these resources and your reflection on your learning in this course and this program, consider the following questions: What professional development leadership role excites you? What beliefs and/or sense of moral purpose inspire you as a professional developer? Based on the questionnaire you completed this week, what did you learn about your change facilitator style and what are the implications? What impact have you already made as a result of your professional development activities in this course and this program (e.g., with your Learning Team)? What contributions will you continue to make to professional learning at your school or district? How will you engage the community at all levels in the professional development process to support a collaborative culture of continuous improvement?

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