Marketing Plan; proposed maketing objectives for D J Miles & Co Ltd custom essay

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1) your proposed maketing objectives for D J Miles & Co Ltd
2) Two target market segment clearly the characteristics of the segment members in term of standard segmentation variable and particular needs/ wants of the segment members in relation to the priduct category
Then for these 2 target segments present your;
1)IMC mix plan – integrated marketing communications
2) Channael design
3)Promotion mix plan,branding decision and distribution / delivery plan suggesting key Control Elements as you go along
4) Swot analysis
5)Marketing Mix plan(place,price,product,promotion,people,process,physical evidence)
and the rest of the marketing elements
Business mission
External marketing audit
Internal marketing audit
Core strategy
Organization and implementation
I will upload the assignment brief, assignment 1 & assignment 1 feedback plz look at lecture overview session it has a lot of useful info

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