Marketing Story Research Paper

You are required to write an individual 1500-word critical analysis of a marketing news story which has appeared since January 1st 2012. There is a requirement to undertake further reading and research in order to successfully analyse the marketing news story. The news story MUST be published in English.
? Select an appropriate marketing news story which has appeared in the English-language press since 1st January 2012.
? It might be from the business press, such the Financial Times, the Economist, Marketing Week, Marketing, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Fortune, or from the business section of a national newspaper such as the Daily Telegraph or the Guardian.
? Of course, other media sources including ones available exclusively online ? are permissible.
? You must discuss it from a marketing perspective, using marketing language, terminology, models. General business commentary will not be sufficient.
? You work must include discussion of the story itself and its implications, not just be a general discussion on the brand mentioned in the piece.
Key Points
? What is the marketing story about?
? What are the key marketing issues it raises?
? Discuss both relevant marketing theory and the marketing implications for the firm, industry etc. in the story.
Ground Rules 2
? Report style is required, supported by relevant diagrams, models, illustrations etc.
? The answer must include your own ideas, not simply be a collection of thoughts from other writers.
? Sources must be fully acknowledged; a full List of References, accurately compiled, is required.
? References to relevant marketing literature, corporate examples, and
illustrations are deemed as highly appropriate for a full and complete response.
Marking Scheme:
? Your own analysis of the story (breadth, depth, insight
? Use of marketing tools, terminology, models etc.
? Background reading and referencing (range of
sources, accuracy of citations and referencing)

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