Media Diary Research Paper

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You are asked to keep a diary of your media consumption for a single 24 hour period (ie one day) once during the first two weeks of this unit. At the end of the day, please do a summary of how much time you’ve spent engaging with different media platforms. You will then share your diary and summary with the rest of the students in this unit no later than the end of Sunday in week 2. You should then post your diary and summary to your own web presence (which you’ll have if you’ve done Web 101 or Web 206) or a blog you’ve set up. (If you feel that there is something deeply personal in your diary and you can’t share it online, then you can post the whole thing to the appropriate discussion board rather than online.) You should then share a link to your diary entry by posting it to the relevant discussion forum on Blackboard.

You are being asked to complete part one early in the unit for two reasons: (a) to help you think about your own media consumption habits in relation to the media changes we are exploring in this unit; and (b) the collective diaries of all students in this unit form a mosaic, illustrating an important sample of contemporary media use and consumption which will help you think about how others consume media. You are strongly encouraged to read and comment on each others’ diaries.

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