Media Literacies: A critical introduction Custom Essay

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a) A list of key words (4-5) central to the article;
b) A list of the main ideas and themes ? set out in bullets is fine ? covered in the article;
c) A clear indication of the structure of the argument presented in the article, meaning student groups will present a visual map of how the main ideas in the article link to and build from each other;
d) An abstract of 3-4 sentences laying the main focus or intentions of the article. (This must be in your own words, and cannot include quotes from the article);
e) A critique of the article. A critique means that students will either challenge the central claims presented in the reading or explain why and how the reading adds to our understanding of participatory cultures in a significant way.

For the second one(From consumer to citizen: Digital Media and youth civic engagement) I need you to do a commentary on it. The purpose of these short commentaries is to develop a cogent statement about the central arguments.(250-400 words)

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