Microeconomics – Econometrics Project Research Paper

1)Generate a sales forecast for a selected industry or multi-national firm using econometric methods, using a sales data set collected from the available Compustat or Bloomberg systems. 2)Gather information on relevant measures of prices, income, advertising data, and other relevant (socio-economic) data to support the construction of a multi-variate regression model. Build the econometric model utilizing Excel or Eviews. 3)Results of the analysis must include (a) an executive summary of the outcomes; (b) information supporting the choice of the variables, including the socio-economic variables (model specification), (c) detail concerning the model development and data acquired; (d) a sensitivity analysis for alternative scenarios, and interpretation of the elasticities and the implication to pricing strategy; and (e) interpretation of the results with implications to business policy. (A sample of completed assignment will be uploaded for reference, please use a UAE {multi national firm not Emirates} and perform the same analysis. Only where the sample paper lacks then add accordingly to the paper requirements mentioned above

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