Mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily life Custom Essay

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However, choosing a mobile phone and plan can be a really complicated decision, subject to many competing influences. Would you use an Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone? Would you select a prepaid or postpaid plan? Would you prefer Telstra, Optus, or Vodafone? Is it a 3G or 4G phone? How large is the screen? What colour is the phone? How big is the internal storage? Does the plan cover free talk time, texts, or data? How much are the monthly plan costs? Are there any handset repayments? How long is the contract?…… What is it that affects this decision and makes it different for everyone? This assignment requires you to look at the mobile phone and plan choices of three (3) people � you can include yourself in this analysis if you wish.

Firstly, develop a list of 6 different mobile phone and plan options. Try to include some that aren�t options YOU would like to take but that you know appeal to other people. You might want to refer to websites of different mobile carriers and electronics stores while developing this list. Be specific � buying a white Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB for $777 and joining the Optus $2 days prepaid plan (rather than just saying buying a Samsung phone). You may wish to include specifications and details of the mobile phone and plan options.

Develop a second list of at least 8 evaluative criteria (Chp 5 of your text) that people might consider when making decisions for mobile phones and plans� for example, operating system, colour, screen, camera, storage size, phone and plan total costs, contract duration, value and data included in the plan, etc. There are many possible reasons underlying mobile phone and plan decisions.

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