Modern Israel; Cultures and Context, “Modern Israel Research Paper

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Cultures and Context, “Modern Israel.” This six page paper is a term paper that counts as 50% of our final grade. The topic I was given to write about is the treatment of Holocaust survivors in Israel post-1948. There are five specific sources you must use:
1. Weitz, Yechiam “Changing conceptions of the Holocaust: The Kasztner Case.”

2. Studies in Contemporary Jewry 10 (1994) 211-230

3. Weitz, Yechiam “Mapai and the “Kastner Trial”, in Troen and Lucas, Israel- the First Decade (1995) 195-210

4. Yablonka, Hanna “The Development of Holocaust consciousness in Israel: The Nuremberg, Kastner, and Eichmann Trials,” Israel Studies 8, 3 (2003) 1-24

5.Ruth Lichtenstein’s “Witness to History.”

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