Northern Ireland Sociology Essay; What does this example tell us about the social construction of ethnic identities Custom Essay

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A.In your informed opinion, what events led to the peace agreements immediately preceding the current state of harmony?

In 1968 the Catholics in Ireland was inspired by Martin Luther King Jr and began protesting for civil rights in the Protestant-dominated Northern Ireland which provoked the incident of “Bloody Sunday” in January of 1973. Within twenty years 3,400 died in conflicts and 20,000 was injured. The efforts of peace began in 1985 and a permanent cease fire was agreed upon.

Given the long history of conflict, is it likely that disputes between England and Ireland have been permanently resolved?

It seems that the cause of the conflicts were more political and economic than ethical. In 2005 the IRA agreed to denounce violence and nationalist and unionist leaders agreed to a power sharing government in Northern Ireland providing the direct rule by London was suspended and Brittan agreed to local control of police and the justice system. Conflicts have not been permanently resolved but it seems to be a peaceable situation.

What can be done to decrease the chance of further conflict?

Since the conflict involves political and economic issues instead of ethnic, then it is likely that further conflict can decrease. The United States seems to maintain these issues from year to year due to the political power and economic issues. But the different ethnicities cause conflicts between the races. Maybe Ireland can adjust to living differently and separately and still be at peace

What does this example tell us about the social construction of ethnic identities?

Being that the United States does not have very many conflicts over religions and we can vote our President and government into positions and our economy is not what we admire but accept, then the color of the skin and the facial features would be the cause. This is something that cannot be changed but I still beleive if the differences would not be taken to such extremes and have racism built by the Media then we might have a chance to live and survive among each other. Our hate for each other is made not born in us; it all starts with the children.

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