Paramedic Law and Ethics Case Study Research Paper

Drawing on the relevant content from the entire unit, you will be expected to answer two questions which will require you to analyse the case from an ethico-legal perspective. The content for Week 12 will be especially pertinent to answering the questions adequately. You will have one week to complete your exam. Your exam must be submitted to the dropbox on MyLO by 3 pm Friday 10th June. Your assignment should be uploaded as a Word document. You will be expected to incorporate relevant academic literature into your discussion and provide a reference list as usual. You should aim for 750 ““ 1000 words per question, which means your exam should be a minimum of 1500 words in total. Assessment/ Marking Criteria Demonstrates an awareness of the ethical complexities in the case study and familiarity with key ethical concepts. (10 marks) Applies ethical and legal principles to the decision-making process. (10 marks) Develops an argument in response to each question. A clear conclusion that has been argued for in a logical manner is evident. (10 marks) Writes clearly and succinctly with correct grammar and appropriate terminology. Evidence of engagement with scholarly literature. (5 marks) You will be awarded a mark out of 35 based on how well you have fulfilled the assessment criteria. Feedback will be in the form of a rubric. This rubric has now been published in the content for ‘Assessment 3 Take-Home Exam’.

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