personal reflection Research Paper

Require: Just write 500 word is fine. A lessons learned report on your group effort. This report should contain a personal reflection from each of the members in the group. In your own words, explain the group process from beginning to submission. For example, include a responsibility table to show the contribution from each member and explain the rationale for work-flow allocation, progress meetings, issues and their resolution. Highlight the highs and lows of the project process – but be objective and remember to focus on the project outcomes and the learning objectives. Do not use this to character-assassinate any member in your group. I will upload partA and partB. Please basic of partA and partB to write it. Our group is 4 person. The person name is A,B,C,D. A is me. I with B responsible partA. I with B do some research to help C and D to development project. C and D responsible partB. Problem: maybe the project feasibility et al. Help me thinking more problem. 3 -4 problems.

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