Policy paper related to international health Custom Essay

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Find a policy/program that is related to international health, explore one specific aspect of it, with respect to one specific population.
Describe how it can be better And/or describe where else it can be applied.
To write this paper follow the following steps:

Step 1: Define the problem
-What is the problem to be addressed?
-What was the event or series of events that was a catalyst for action?
-Is it a problem or crisis that demands immediate attention?
-Is the problem one of national security, economic development, diplomacy?
-What interests are at stake for the actor (e.g. state) overall?

Step 2: Establish goals
-How will you translate the aforementioned problem into a specific set of goals?
-What is the relationship between those goals and the problem that was identified?
-What government or non-government organizations are involved in making this decision?
-Are there other interests (e.g. in the region) that should be considered in your analysis?

Step 3: Select a policy
-Based on your understanding of the problem and the situation, select an appropriate policy.
-What other alternatives were considered?
-Why were the other alternatives rejected? For rational or political reasons?
-Describe the tradeoffs policy makers must accept based on your selection ? what tradeoffs do policy makers see as inherent in the selected policy?

Step 4: Implement a policy
-What agency or organization implemented the policy?
-Was the policy implemented according to original design?
-Has the agency changed or skewed the policy to reflect its own interests and goals?
-Which changes were made from the original design and why are they important?
-In your opinion, could another agency have implemented the policy better?

Step 5: Evaluate the policy
-Did the policy achieve its goals?
-Did the policy solve the original problem? Or did the policy solve a different problem that the one originally identified?
-What were the costs and consequences of the policy?
-Did the policy achieve its goals at a reasonable cost?
-Overall, was the policy a ?success? or a ?failure??
For steps one and two write only a paragraph for each, the bulk of paper is step 3 through 5.

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