Political Science Research Paper

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Answer the question
1. what is the problem of “getting to Denmark?”
2. Why is England NOT a good model for other countries trying to modernize/develop?
3. Why is China a better model for countries trying to modernize/Develop?
4. What story does he tell about the state? And how does a country move from kinship to citizenship as a basis for political order?
A. What is the problem with kinship as a basis for appointments to offices?
5. Rule of Law where do you get this system according to him? Any why?Further, what is the role of the Ctholic Church in terms of the development of the rule of law?
6. Institutions of Accountability what is the role of England in the development of Democracy?
7. India v China What do their development differences reflect?
8. Why is European development peculiar (e.g. not a good model for other countries today?)
9. What does he discuss that resonates with the reading in chapter2?

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