Prepare different types of ceremonial speeches Custom Essay

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Assignment Overview
This writing assignment provides you with practice creating a formal outline for a ceremonial speech.

A one- to three-page (300- to 600-word) document that includes an outline for a ceremonial speech
Assignment Details

Perform the following tasks:
Step 1: Review the information presented in the lesson.
Focus on the patterns of organization that are appropriate for the type of ceremonial speech you are preparing.

Step 2: Select a pattern.
Based on your knowledge of patterns of organizing speech information, select a pattern of organization to use to create an outline for your speech.

Step 3: Create an outline.
Depending on the pattern of speech that you chose, create a formal outline for your ceremonial speech. Be sure to include the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion sections in your preparation outline.

Step 4: Create a reference list.
Include any and all sources you use to locate information for your outline.

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