Principles of Marketing Research Paper

8000 word for the assignment and 1000 for appendices.

It is said 70% to 90% of all strategies fail simply because the organisation is not capable of maintaining sufficient impetus of many strands of strategies whilst dealing with the operational and human problems that inevitably occur.


Acting as Marketing Consultants you are to investigate and analyse the main Marketing activities of an organisation (to be agreed with lecturer).


Produce a detailed report (8000 words excluding references/ appendices) that identifies, describes and evaluates the organisation, in terms of its current strategies, in the following management area:

• The organisations orientation (10%)
• An audit (external/ Internal) of the organisation (40%)
• The impact, positive and negative, of the organisation’s Marketing Mix (40%)
• Presentation of the report, structure, written style (10%)

In all cases the report should be more than descriptive collations of individual submissions or library material (sources should be referenced in detail, notions alone are not acceptable); should illustrate relevant aspects of theory and accepted practices, and demonstrate thoughtful analysis and discussion of key issues.

1. Your report should show detailed breadth/depth of topic coverage, analytical rigour, clarity of interpretations, quality of academic argument and conclusion.
2. You are required to research a minimum of ten academic journal articles which must be appropriately referenced using the Harvard Referencing or endnote style.
3. The report must be in word format.
4. An accompanying disk/cd copy of report is required to facilities vetting for submission originality.
5. The report is worth 40% of the overall subject grade.
6. An electronic copy of your report must also be uploaded to M04MKT Module web the Turnitin icon by 4.00pm on the 22nd March 2011. University regulations on coping and plagiarism apply.

7. Each assignment submitted MUST have the BES Faculty Coursework Cover Sheet, which can be obtained from WM Reception. This should include students names, module name and number (Principles of Marketing – M04MKT), Module Leader (Bal Samra), course and year.
Assessment Criteria Guidelines
Knowledge and Understanding: You consistently demonstrate an ability to absorb, reflect upon and deploy a wide range of subject-related knowledge and concepts, with few if any lapses in accuracy and understanding. You are able to apply excellent critical judgement to new information and ideas, comparing different data and perspectives in order to develop, substantiate and defend your own position.
Problem Solving: You regularly demonstrate the confidence to go beyond the limits of the task, identifying additional issues and suggesting ways of addressing any problems.
Research and Reading: You clearly recognise the importance of wide and independent reading, and are developing effective research skills, which take you well beyond the obvious or suggested sources of information. This is reflected in work, which demonstrates an impressive grasp of relevant knowledge and an original approach to the topics and problems involved. Often this is reflected in work that goes well beyond the scope of the task.

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