Procter and Gamble case study Custom Essay

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Written Individual Case Reports: Each student must turn in a report for each one of the three cases assigned. While each case has a few preparation questions, they are intended only as general guides for your analysis.

Your report must include three components: (a) page 1: essential case facts, (b) page 2 � 3: identification of major issues/dilemmas, pros and cons of two alternative paths of action, your recommendation, and rationale for your recommendation, (c) page 4: three essential concepts from the assigned reading(s) and a brief statement about how each one is connected with (or helps understand) the situations described in the case.
ALL the three reports must be submitted by the student/author at the beginning of the class the case is scheduled for discussion. No excuses. Each discussion session is graded individually. Failure to submit a written report will imply a class participation grade of zero for that specific discussion. See sample case report in Appendix I.

Exceptions will be made only in case of force majeure.

A case write up is expected for the following cases:
Procter and Gamble

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