Professional Conduct Dilemma Custom Essay

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For this discussion, refer to this week’s case study. Utilizing the AAMFT or the ACA code of ethics, and your state’s statutes,(Florida) respond to the following:

What obligations must you honor when you witness a colleague practicing in an unethical manner?
Explain your obligations to the profession of marriage and family therapy, as a colleague of Dante’s.
To whom would you report Dante’s behavior?
Cite specific ethical codes and your state statutes, as well as any other relevant resources.
Be sure to mention the state you are referencing. (FLORIDA)

Response Guidelines

Respond to the posts of at least two of your peers. You are encouraged to ask questions for clarification, respectfully debate points, and present additional information, as applicable. To demonstrate that you have completed your studies for this unit, include at least one relevant reference from the readings. Cite your reference(s) using APA format. Make sure that your responses are also in accordance with any of the established faculty expectations.

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