Profile of Marybeth Tinning Serial killer Research Paper

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Identify the typology (Visionary, Mission, Comfort, Lust, Thrill and Power/Control) of Marybeth tinning and form that killers’ perspective. Discuss their vitctim selection process. Present an ahalysis of the psyche of the serial killer. This paper should include disposal of body, weapons, postion of body, dismemberment, bondage, staging, souvenirs , and trophies. It should also include what Modus Operdus the investigators considered during the investigation. Need to include Crime Scene Characteristics (Controlled crime scene, overkill, Chaotic crime scene, evidence of torture, body movement, specific Victim, weapons at the scene,relational victim, victom known,aberrant sex, Weapons of tourture, Strangles the victim, Penile penitration, Object penetration and, necrophilia.)

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