Project Management “Project Control” Custom Essay

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This assignment is for a project management course. Precisely, in ?project control?.
I want you to write the assignment in about ~1600 words.
Attachment file includes the lecture notes on ?project control? that you need to do my assignment.
You will also find in attachment file two case studies as examples which were completed by two students from last year’s class. Please keep in mind that the requirements are slightly different this year so be careful if you’re planning to follow everything in the example

To do my assignment, I want you to develop a case study on ?project control?. The case study should be based on a real-life project, and should consist of the following main sections:
? Background of the project ? this section should include some basic details of the project (project location, requirements, outcomes, etc.).
? Project control system ? this section should describe overall project control system as well as some specific control techniques, KPIs, etc. used in the project.
? Critical evaluation ? this section should provide a critical evaluation on how effective the above project control is. This has to be linked well with the theories covered in the class.
? Conclusion ? highlight and explain key lessons learned from this case study.
You can choose any project. Only one project is required.

Criteria & Marking:
You are expected to demonstrate sound knowledge of project control systems and techniques. Using this knowledge, you will need to demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate the actual implementation of project control system and the applications of project control tools within a real-world project. You will have to develop a professional case study report based this evaluation.
Holistic marking will be used for this assignment. APA referencing style to be used throughout.

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