Project Management; range of duties and responsibilities borne by the project manager in simulated and case study projects custom essay

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1 Apply the concept of project management together with the range of duties and responsibilities borne by the project manager in simulated and case study projects

2 Demonstrate personal management and communication skills.

Aims & Objectives
The aim of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of Project management methodology from the perspective of the Project manager and to apply your planning skills in the context of a project orientated environment.

You are required to develop a sustainable Project Plan for a project of choice, which reflects the needs of modern Project Management requirements (i.e. taking into account risk, the project stages and quality review technique). The project may be one you have been or are involved with, or may be taken from a case study of your choice.

Project methodology should be based on either PRINCE2 or the PMBOK and your work should clearly indicate the approach used and the reason for your choice.

The submission must include the key stages of the project and conclude with an analysis of your selected methodology.

The word count for the assignment should not exceed 3,000 words and should include all necessary information required to successfully plan the project throughout all the key stages.

The report must be structured in accordance with the Student Guide to Assessment. References are to be inserted as footnotes with an additional list appended to the report.

Marking Scheme

General Criteria

In grading your submission you will be assessed against the criteria below. Attached is a Level 3 marking sheet, which will guide you to the level of detail and allocation of marks to be awarded. Further information of the assessment criteria can be found in the Student Guide to Assessment.

– Relevance
– Knowledge
– Analysis
– Argument and Structure
– Originality

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