Project Part Two—Patterns/Challenges/Needs Research Paper

Begin your submission with a short, 1-2 paragraph introduction of your Case Study. Identify one pattern, challenge, or need associated with each parameter of the person you interviewed for your Case Study in Week 1 (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). Identify rationales for each of the patterns, challenges, or needs. Be sure to address at least four of the seven aspects of the Holistic Care Process discussed in this week’s lecture. Submit your assignment in a 3-4 page Word document. . Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum Points Summarize and discuss the Case Study interview in a short one paragraph introduction. 20 Identified one pattern, need, or challenge for all four parameters of the person interviewed. 28 Compared and contrasted the Nursing Process and the Holistic Care Process in identifying the rationales of the diagnoses. Included five aspects of comparison. 32 Writing components: Organization (8) Usage and Mechanics (8) APA (4) 20 Total: 100 Note: This is continuation of the previous request.

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