Protection Plan Assignment Essay

After reading the article on Box Turtles in your Lecture, design a 1-2 page plan to protect them. Describe what you feel is the most important part of your plan. Explain why you feel that it is most important. Support your thinking with credible sources. After reading the article on box turtles in this week’s lecture, design a 1-2 page original plan to protect them. Discuss in detail the components, actions or steps of your protection plan. Describe what you feel is the most important part of your protection plan. Explain why you feel that part is the most important. Make sure that your protection plan is original, created by you, not a compilation of information from the sources of information you research. *** Writing requirements and submission of your assignment: The length requirement of 1-2 pages refers to the text or “body” of your paper, not counting the title€ page and references€ page. Support your work with discussion and accurate citation of several credible, scientific sources. ***Please do not use blogs or crowd-sourced websites such as Yahoo Answers. Your sources of information must be authoritative and scientifically sound. Your work must include in-text citations (abbreviated references) within the body or discussion and full citations in a References€ page at the end of your essay. Your work must adhere to APA rules for formatting and citation. Use the APA Style Guide provided in the course.

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