Psychology Discuss why we need leaders Research Paper

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This information can be found in the textbook: Applied Psychology (2nd Edition) Coolican, H (Ed) – Hodder Arnold Pulblisher (2007) – Chapters 6-9
1. Discuss why we need leaders.
2. In regard to team building, discuss the best techniques for forming the optimum group.
3. Despite the fact that exercise and physical activity contribute significantly to health, why do so few people engage in them?
4. A study by Elizabeth Loftus demonstrated just how easily one can induce false memories. More than a third of the subjects in the study recalled when Bugs Bunny hugged them at a Disney theme park after a researcher planted the false memory. This memory must be false because Bugs is not a Disney character. Given these false memories, how can we ever trust eyewitness testimony, and how have forensic psychologists helped to minimize memory distortion and inaccuracy?
5. How can health psychologists work to reduce the stressful nature of the work environment?
6. Is criminal profiling a science? Why or why not? Defend your answer with a case example and address counter points.
7. How might the following impact one?s health?
(a) Being an overall happy person
(b) Having no friends and few family members with which one interacts
(c) Having the belief that you can exercise control over your environment
(d) Living in a high-crime neighborhood

8. Discuss the techniques used by sport psychologists to build confidence and boost performance in top athletes.

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