Public Sector Management; The Struggling Rail Station: Case study responses paper should be a maximum of 1000 words and identify custom essay

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Case study responses paper should be a maximum of 1000 words and identify (i) a key problem issue in the case; (ii) theoretically informed alternative solutions to the problem; (iii) your proposed solution (that is, a single proposal) drawn from the alternatives identified in part (iv) and a clear rationale for this decision.

(Necessary for Case Study!)(150 words)

Heading 1. Definition of the issue or problem : (based on analysis of the case) (300 words)
What are the key concern/s, problem/s, decision/s, challenge/s or opportunities/s faced?

Heading 2. Description & analysis of alternatives : (300 words)
Which steps from the analysis will you draw on here? What is Give example?

Heading 3. Explanation of preferred alternative (450 words)
How could you present your findings succinctly (precisely, accurately and briefly)? How does your preferred alternative relate to the problem definition? Your proposed solution!
Including a conclusion but no discuses just summaries what you given! (100 words)

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