Reasoning Skills: Fallacy Hunt Research Paper

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A fallacy is a mistake in reasoning. It isn’t just being wrong. It isn’t just being silly. It is where a conclusion has been reached through an incorrect process.

The wild fallacy is an elusive quarry. The fallacies you will be given in-class as practice have been caught, domesticated, and purposely made easy to identify—finding your own is difficult as they rarely fit neatly into any one category. So, since examples of incorrect reasoning are hard to find and even harder to correctly label; this assignment must be seen as a continual work-in-progress, rather than something to be done the night before—start working on this immediately.

In class you will be taught how to identify some of the most common fallacies. Your fallacies must come from the list of fallacies that follows.


1-You must find five (5) fallacies
2-Each fallacy must be different
3-Each fallacy must have occurred from the attached file
4-You must find your fallacies in different places:
_A minimum of one (1) and a maximum of two (2) of your fallacies must be spoken—from a relative, friend, politician, speech, YouTube video, television, etc.
_You will be awarded a bonus point if one (1) of the above fallacies comes (unintentionally) from any of your current teachers
_A minimum of zero (0) and a maximum of two (2) of your fallacies must come from a written website, including facebook comments, blogs, online articles, etc.
_A minimum of two (2) and a maximum of three (3) fallacies must come from a printed source, e.g.: newspapers, magazines, brochures, pamphlets.
_Online newspapers do not count as written sources, you must have the fallacy in print
5-You may only have one (1) fallacy per source
A “source” is equal to a publication, for example: The Gold Coast Bulletin can only be used once.
6-The fallacy MUST be unintentional. Funny TV shows that have fallacies in them are using them to be funny, not to make a mistake; and fallacies appearing in fiction are not mistakes
7-Fallacies always occur in a process of reasoning—make sure you actually have a fallacy, and not just a mistake (an easy way to check is to see if there is a conclusion—no conclusion, no fallacy)

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