Reflective essay- workplace dynamics: Power, influence and feedback custom essay

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You are relatively new to this company(6months). You are happy in your role and feel you are doing well, considering you are still learning ‘how things are done around here’. Your boss has asked you to meet with her regarding your progress on the project you have been working on. Hearing about the meeting, your colleague has said that he saw her earlier and she seemed to be in bad mood. You are now bracing yourself for some negative feedback…

Describe how you would deal( eg. prepare for the meeting, behave in the meeting, etc..) with this scenario for each of the two following circumstances( write 2 seperate answer)
+ Circumstance 1: You have long term professional relationship based on trust with your boss, as you have worked together in the previous organisation.
+ Circumstance 2: Your boss has a reputation for being tough on new employees, sometimes actively bullying employees whose performance is not up to par.

Some issues to consider in your analysis ( but by no mean the only ones):
1. Your communication skills and personal attributes that are relevant to those scenarios
2. Elements that relate to communication- sender, receiver, noise
3. Feedback- how do you give and receive feedback? What would be effective feedback and why?
4. Aspects of power and influence relevant to this situation

I will post some readings as sources for you and also please analyse deeper for me since it’s reflective essay

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