Relating prostitution to Erving Goffmans theory of dramaturgy and george herbert meads theory of the “self” custom essay

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You want to talk about how the front and backstages in Goffmans Dramaturgy theory are evident in the field of prosititon and how they come together to show a cohesive performance by the prostitute….and how it is all external…on the other hand with mead i need to show it is compeltely internal with the different aspects of the “i”,”me” and “self” and how they come together as a cohesvie performance. Then talk about how the 2 theories (dramaturgy) and (the self) come together in terms of prostitution(internal) (external)

The role of Erving Goffman?s dramaturgy and George Herbert Mead?s presentation of self in prostitution is extremely evident. The front and back stages performances outlined by Goffman are essential to the external world of prostitution while Mead lends a hand to the internal mind delving into the ?I?, the ?me? and eventually ?the self?.

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