Relationship with Mexico labors and US Economy and politic system. custom essay

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This research paper is about US- and Mexico economic relations, migration, transnational relations by the immigrant community, labor, gender and labor, politicla organization, labor unions and their activity.
We saw several films, and you should use some of the film resource on your paper with other readings. INNTERCONNECT WITH FILMS AND READINGS.
The professor talks about
1. present on US Mexico relations and chicano latino history (US as Empire) . US used railroad system to expand US economic from Mexico. (mining, oil, agriculture)
2. Immigration problem. Film sources : Los Mineros, Salt of the Earth,
3. Influences of The Bracero program. how Mexican labors lived in US. And how this program affect to US economic and politic system.
Flim”Los trabajadores” “Harvest of Loneliness”
4. Civil rights movement of Chicano. Inequality and segregation of education, ideology and society. Film: The Global asssembly line.
5. Segregation of Gender and working class. The bracero program focused on male. Women have to stay at home and take care of their family. readings: “why the countryside can’t take it anymore” The film: salt of the earth, women made strike for find their human rights.
Working class had inferior position. What they did to overcome segregation. Also, how these movements changed political system of US?
segregation integrate to society.

I will update some sources of film and reading. We have one more class on next week, so i will let you know as soon as possible. Film source have to integrate with other sources.

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