Report: Country case study custom essay

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Report: Country case study
Value: 25%
Due: Friday midnight Week 6

As a policy advisor working with the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy ( you have been asked to prepare a briefing report for the Minister who is preparing to visit a foreign country to discuss approaches to media and communications policy with his counterpart in the government of that country.

Select one of Brazil, Russia, China or India (not your home country) and produce a 1500 word briefing report that:
? Briefly describes the range of media and communication forms and systems available to citizens and consumers in that country
? Outlines who is responsible for formulating and implementing media policy in that country, identifies who/what are the major players and forces that influence media policy there, and how media policy is made
? Identifies the characteristic, distinctive or unique features of the country?s media industries and media systems, or features that may have particular relevance to Australia?s domestic or international circumstances within the Minister?s portfolio area
? Discusses the key challenges, issues and pressures for change in the country?s media and communication policies and systems, and identifies any recent, imminent or likely changes and the reasons behind these
? Lists any other issues that might be significant and relevant for the Minister?s preparation, consideration and discussion on his visit
? Makes specific recommendations for the Minister?s meeting, such as key aspects of media and issues he should discuss with the person he meets with.

Where appropriate, compare and contrast relevant aspects of your chosen country?s media and communication systems and policy issues with those of Australia (or your home country*).

* Note: International students may choose the relevant government department and the appropriate official (they should be named) from their home country as the recipient of the briefing report instead of the Australian Department and Minster.

Key aspects and issues for the Minister could cover areas for discussion such as trade agreements, development and access, regulation. Think of anything that Australia has done that they may benefit from such as programs or developing infrastructure, and also anything that they have done that Australia could learn from. You may also cover topics for the minister’s awareness such as censorship, cultural attitudinal differences to media regulation, etc. You might even find information on the department web site to guide your focus.

The Case Study assignment must be submitted in a report format, using the structure, style and conventions of a formal report according to the directions given in the School of Communication, Design and IT Written Assessment Guide, particularly the presentation requirements and sections to include as described on page 16:

Students are required to attach an electronic assignment cover sheet to all assignments before submitting through Blackboard/Turnitin. The report needs to be submitted electronically only.

Students wanting feedback on their Case Studies must also attach a fully completed Case Study Self Evaluation and Feedback Sheet (available on Blackboard). Assignments submitted without a fully completed S E F Sheet may be awarded a mark only.

Report Guidelines Extract

The school handbook has excellent guidelines for style and approach to producing a report. You should read the report section of their written assessment guide before starting to work on your report. They give the following list as the sections you should include in the body of the report (there are earlier things to include such as an executive summary so please check):

Note this should always be on the first numbered page and is always numbered as 1
(Preceding information can be on either unnumbered pages or using roman numerals).

In this section you should address the first 5 areas outlined in the country case study assessment task, paying particular attention to the areas that you decide are most important (the key aspects and issues) for the Minister.

You should identify the key aspects and issues from your discussion/analysis section. Conclusions should clearly flow from the discussion and should not contain any new ideas.

Recommendations should very clearly relate to the conclusions (that is, recommendation 4.1 should respond to conclusion 4.1 and so on).

This should include only the works you have cited in your report (it is different from a Bibliography which can include works you have read but not used).

This may include tables of data or policy statements you refer to or other material you refer to but do not fully explain. All appendices must be referred to within the report.

Course learning objectives of this assessment (1, 2)

1. Examine the historic, geographic, economic and political context of international media.
2. Compare the role and function of the media in Australia with those in various other nations.
3. Examine the socio-cultural influence of international media.
4. Explore practical implications of international media in relation to new technology and global issues.

A report is a written assessment that meets the course objectives of knowledge acquisition and demonstrated assimilation of data, upon reflection and analysis, to produce articulate and concise documents which convey evidence-based understanding of the concepts and topics.

P.S the country that you need to pick i prefer China.

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