research guid Research Paper

Parents are faced with many challenges when a child is diagnosed with a chronic illness. Parents must learn about the condition, research treatment options, and determine short- and long-term emotional, social, and academic implications of the condition. Parents may be stressed and overwhelmed as they search through information from websites, books, the internet, media, and elsewhere. For your writing assignment, you will select a chronic illness and create a parent resource guide. The guide may include, but is not limited to: – Illness description and how is diagnosed – A correction of myths or misconceptions about the condition – Overview of medical treatment options – Potential difficulties with treatment/lifestyle changes and recommended strategies – Community resources, local support groups, and professional organizations for the condition – Short- and long-term physical, emotional, academic/vocational, and psychosocial implications – New research findings of interest to parents Suggested condition: **Pediatric migraine The resource guide should be based on scientific resources from the fields of medicine and psychology. Papers should be 4-5 double spaced pages, plus APA format citations and reference list. You are not required to make an authentic looking brochure with columns and pictures you will be graded on the content of the paper.

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