Research Methods; The key to developing high quality research is the ability to identify an in depth creative and visual journey. custom essay

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The key to developing high quality research is the ability to identify an in depth creative and visual journey. Finding and developing this research path is equally important as the research itself ? you must be able to create a research ethos that sustains a project from beginning to end, that allows you to problem solve, contrast and juxtapose, and interrogate ideas.

This research methods unit is about exploration, asking questions and discovering how using various types of research methods can enrich a subject. This unit is not purely a descriptive piece of writing, you may not always find the answers you were expecting but you will develop the skills that allow you to try. Learning to question your findings will enable you to expand your research and lead it towards a potential design path.

Make yourself aware of different forms of research ? research can be any form of inspiration so whilst you are lucky to have one of the best fashion libraries in the world, the journey does not end there. Consider using film, archival material, galleries, and museums as places to go ? use ideas from heritage, art, ethics, culture, history and identity to personalise your research.

Research encapsulates every single nuance within the design process. Silhouette, Colour, Fabric, Texture, Mood, Detail, Finish, Process, Presentation, Consumer and Muse are all led by your skills in discovering and exploring research.

You will be expected to show intuitive use of both primary and secondary research sources within the unit, and to also discuss the relevance of your methods. Did some prove more valuable than others? Why was this? Evaluate how you could have found better sources or gone into more depth. How could you further explore a topic or did one idea lead you onto something far more interesting?

At this level we are now expecting to see the decisions being made, not just assumed. Show us the direction, the development, the decision-making and the depth that has the potential to see you through a whole project. This is not just about ?I chose this because I like it? but giving the background knowledge to back it up.

Things to consider: Would your methods of researching be appropriate to a design brief? How relevant are your methods in the modern world? How can you analyse the connective qualities of your research points? Can you justify the research as creating a unique vision for a potential design project? Does the work link or are you purposefully creating juxtaposition?

Finally, remember this is an academic piece of writing, we expect accurate referencing follow the Harvard style, and a formal approach. Plan the unit as you would any piece of academic work and make sure you consider the PPD as an integral part of your learning.

You are expected to attend all lectures to further your independent study and also complete 30 pages of annotated visuals for discussion within the seminars. Please see the guidelines on the next page for a breakdown of word limits and potential headings.

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