Research Paper Edvard Munch; who his parents were or what his dog’s name was custom essay

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Students will be required to report on an artist of their choice from a list or an artist approved by the instructor. This report must be at least 5 full typed pages of text in length, plus a bibliography/sources page and a cover page. A total of 7 pages.

Paper should be double-spaced and with Times New Roman 12 point type font. You must use at least four sources. Two sources must come from books, one from DVD’s or academic articles, and one source from the Internet. State your exact sources in the bibliography page at the end of the paper. If you give me an internet address, make sure addresses are correct so that I can pull it up on my PC. Any direct quotes, paraphrasing or summarizing from sources must be put in quotation marks or referenced. No Plagiarism! By the way, Wikipedia is not a valid source (as well as most online sources). Art Museums and other art institutions are good Internet sources.

Check the MLA citation style in the library WebPages


* I do not want to know just where the artist was born, who his parents were or what his dog?s name was. This is not a biographical report. Your paper should include basic information, and only the necessary biographical background that pertains to his work. For example: How did his/her family felt about becoming an artist? Or Was his/her place of birth a bustling with art and artists? Or Was the artist’s family portrayed in his art?

* Choose 4 artworks that you like from the artist oeuvre and describe, analyze, interpret them. A mixture of your research(cited), and your own thoughts should be included in the discussion of each work.

* I want you to tell me something important to you personally in regards to this artist and her/his time, not only the ancillary details. Why do you find his/her oeuvre interesting? What does the art tell you about humanity, culture, politics, art making, etc.? How does the artist move you? Give me the important stuff!! See below.

YOU MUST include 4 reproductions of the artist’s works within your paper, either black and white or in color(copy and paste from Internet). These images are not included in the total – page body. Copy and paste them within the paper after you have a total of 5 pages or more..

Your paper should result in a blend of research information and your own ideas and thoughts about the artist and his/her work

Check the RUBRIC for grading information.


1. What is the artist?s personal history? Birth, death, places lived, parents, siblings, schools, accomplishments, life traumas, marriage, children, and health (mental and physical). Describe their life in vivid sentences, don’t just state facts.
2. What else was going on in the world at the time of the artist’s birth and life? What was the political, social, and intellectual climate of that time? How did these factors influence and affect the artist in their personal life?
3. What and who were the greatest influences on the artist’s work and why? How did those people, places, and events shape the work?
4. What pieces from all the work the artist did do you find the most interesting, compelling, or affecting? Describe what feelings and thoughts the work brings up in you. Why do you think the work affects you this way?
5. What style/s did the artist work in? Name the art movements or style and describe. When you give examples of the artist?s work , describe how it fits into the definitions and values of that style.
6. What kind of a person was the artist? From reading about their life, work, how would you characterize the person behind the artist? Give examples of things they did or work exhibited that indicates and supports your beliefs.
7. Describe something of the artist’s lifestyle from childhood through their adult life.
8. Compare this artist’s work with another artist working in the same time period. Include such things as their similarities, the materials each used, personal success or failure, critique which was superior by the public and your opinion, state why, and color, line, shape and other principles and elements of design.
9. How has the artist’s contribution affected the world today? Art today? Give examples and describe why this is true in your opinion. What does it mean in contemporary terms?
10. Critique the artist from the standpoint of artistic merit. Include examples, give specifics regarding principles and elements of design, and support your view with the views of others (critics, friends, family). What works and what doesn?t.
11. In the big picture, over the last one thousand years, how does the artist?s work stand up? What value does it have comparing it to work done in the century prior to and after it? Two hundred years on either side? Give examples and explain why to support your view.
1. What is the subject matter?
2. Genres. Is this a still life? A portrait (a painting, drawing or sculpture of a person)? Or a landscape/seascape/cityscape (picture of the land/water/city)? Other (explain)?
3. Style/form: Is this artwork realistic (as real as possible)? Abstract (distorted reality)? Non-objective (no reference from reality)? Symbolic? Functional? Other (explain)?
4. Mediums: oil paints, acrylics, pastels, etc.

5. Descriptive: describe what you can actually see in the works in as much detail as you can
6. Discuss the formal properties – use of elements and principles of design (see handout)
7. Interpretation. What do you think the artist was trying to say? Why do you think he/she chose this subject?
8. What intellectual or emotive feelings do the artworks give you and why?

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