Robert Frost “Stopping By Woods” Research Paper

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Briefly summerize the work so that readers are familiar with basic plot, at end of intro introduc ethe topic itself after ANNOTATED BIB need a 700 word RESPONSE
a. Which of the sources do you believe provides the most (or least) helpful, creative, or insightful argument? Explain.
b. Based on your research, what seem to be the most important and agreed upon issues and interpretations in relationship to your topic? Why? How do you respond?
c. Based on your research, what seem to be the most significant areas of disagreement or controversy? Why? How do you respond?
d. What areas seem to necessitate further research or might be interesting to research?
e. What did you learn? How do these sources impact your view of the author or work? (What did you know before vs. what you know now)

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