Scenario course book: Homeland Security and Emergency Medical Response Chapter 3 Biological Weapons Research Paper

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When answering the written response questions, please follow these requirements:
a. Your answer to each written response question should contain a minimum 200 word response.
b. Spelling and grammar will impact your grade. Make certain to proofread each written response carefully.
c. Make certain that all of your sources (include your textbook) are referenced at the end of the written response and that directly quoted information within your written response is cited to show the difference between your ideas and the exact words of your sources.
d. General encyclopedias are prohibited sources. They are NOT to be used. *Examples of prohibited sources include, but are not limited to Wikipedia, Encarta and World Book.
e. It is required that these references and citations be put in APA Style.

Scenario: You are responding to a traffic accident at the intersection of Main and Oak Streets. At those corners are a day care, a gas station, and two other businesses. When you arrive a car and a small van have collided. The van is on its side, several glass bottles from a box have been scattered around and broken on the ground, spilling a white powder. The driver of the car tells you the driver of the van was a foreign-looking young man who ran down the street as soon as he got out of the van.
1. What are your first thoughts?
2. What actions do you initially take?
3. What additional actions might be needed?

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