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Using the Logic Model on page 617 of our textbook as an example, apply the Logic Model to a homeland security topic of your choice. You MAY NOT copy the example from the textbook for your submission, even if your final project is related to Hurricane Katrina. For this assignment you MAY use the topic you selected for your final paper. You will need to include a completed Logic Model chart in your final paper. If you use your final paper topic for this assignment you MAY include this in your final paper (I would strongly suggest you incorporate any feedback or needed corrections before placing it in your final paper). If you would like more practice with the Logic Model you can select a different topic of your choice for this assignment. I have uploaded a Logic Model Template to additional files for use. TEXTBOOK Kamien, D. (Ed.). (2012). The McGraw-Hill homeland security handbook: Strategic guidance for a coordinated approach to effective security and emergency management (2nd ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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