Sentencing Disparities among Blacks and White Research Paper

TOPIC: Sentencing Disparities among Blacks and Whites.
Research Question: Are there any sentencing/incarceration disparities among Blacks and Whites? (this ? can be re-worded if needed…drugs or certain crimes can be used…etc
Social Sciences Proposal Outline and Format

This minimum 1300 words proposal has no chapters, only sections with double-spaced and numbered pages. The citations and bibliography should be in APA format. This proposal should address and answer the following points in the following order however, write in paragraphs and do not put the Roman numerals or bullets in your paper.

Only Scholarly Journals should be used. Journals must not date back farther than 2002. Must be written in 3rd person.

. Introduction (page 1)

? How is this topic important/relevant/significance?

? Which social scientists and theories have addressed the issue or relevant parts of the issue?

? What is your research problem and unit of analysis?

? Describe your study in terms of how it fits with what is known in the research. Include information about whether this study is being repeated. How is the present research different or similar to that in the literature? What new perspective will present research add to literature? How is this work different or takes a different perspective, including the unit of analysis?

? Further relate the importance of proposed study to your discipline. What is the problem? Why is this study significance? How will this research add to the discipline?

III. Literature Review*

? Discuss 5 articles relevant to variables in your study with citations.

Literature Review on the Dependent Variable.

Literature Review on Independent Variable.

Literature Review on intersection of Dependent Variable and Independent Variable.

Discuss Theory and how it is relates to independent and dependent variables.

IV. Research Design

? Methodology: What method(s) will you use? Define each method used with a citation from one general and one specific reference source. Why is this method being used? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the method?
Explain how are you prepared to deal with the ethical issues of your data collection. Make sure you cite from both textbooks and additional sources in this section.

? Which statistical techniques are most likely to be suitable for testing your data? If statistical testing is not possible, what type of descriptive statistics will you present about your data set? What table(s) will be constructed to explain categories of data?

Reference Page(Works cited) (items used for this proposal

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