Short Diary Entries; keep a diary of your encounters (at least two a week) with various service providers Research Paper

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you are required to keep a diary of your encounters (at least two a week) with various service providers (Service encounters experienced before the start of the term should not be used). Service encounters can be experienced over the phone as well as face to face. Examples of service providers you may consider are: restaurants, retail, health care, education (e.g. university services such as administrators, library, dinning, and accommodation), transportation (e.g. airline, train), media, utilities (e.g. electricity, gas, Internet/broadband services) and banks among others. Please ensure that you do not have more than two entries from the same service category (although you may differentiate from within a broad category, such as fast-food and fine-dining in the restaurant category; taxis and airlines in transportation).

Each diary entry should contain:

1. Date and time of the encounter; name of the service firm; and type of service (e.g., airline, bank);

2. Describe your expectations prior to the encounter;

3. Briefly describe your encounter so that someone who was not there would know what happened;

4. Describe your reaction to the encounter, including your analysis of the service provider and emotions experienced before, during or after the encounter (e.g. angry, sad, disappointed, happy etc..). Were front line employees well trained? How did the company recover from a service failure? Any special features of the servicescape?

5. Rate your level of satisfaction with this encounter on a scale of 1=Extremely Dissatisfied to 7=Extremely Satisfied. Explain the basis and rationale for your score;

6. Rate your likelihood of i) returning that service provider/firm; and ii) recommending that service firm/provider to friends and relatives on a scale of 1=Extremely Unlikely to 7=Extremely Likely. Why would return/recommend or not return/recommend that firm? Poor or excellent quality? Excellent complaint recovery? Highly trained personnel? Well-managed wait times?

7. Using your knowledge of services marketing, what would you recommend the manager to this firm? What would you do to improve this service?

Try to record an assortment of encounters from a variety of service industries (not just restaurants) as well as some that you find particularly satisfying and some that are very dissatisfying. It is essential that you record your diary entries within 24 hours (preferably immediately) of the experience so that you are able to provide relevant and accurate details about the encounter. Please note that, if you try to record entries from memory, the quality of the entries will suffer.

All diary entries should be recorded on Moodle (Examples of two short diary entries are provided below). You are strongly advised to type and save your entries in a word document first and then paste them to Moodle.

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