Showing your research on alternative dispute resolution and e-commerce Research Paper

Research the dispute process and the requirements for the country you selected in. Explain the dispute resolution methods used in that country. Analyze the risks and benefits of each type of dispute resolution. In addition, evaluate how a U.S. company’s strategy or the company you have selected should be formulated to provide the most benefits with the least amount of risk.Present the dispute resolution process by providing an overview of how disputes are handled and then providing specific instructions and legal requirements for your primary country you selected. If there is a preference or aversion to any type of dispute resolution, explain the type and analyze reasons behind the preference or aversion.Evaluate how e-commerce affects your company. You can consider the following questions:: With the increased ability and popularity of conducting business electronically, you may find that it affects topics covered in subsequent modules. Consider adding an e-commerce component to each segment of your final guidelines to demonstrate its impact on various transactions as it applies to that topic. Make note of any pending regulations or laws that could affect your company in the future.At this time, it is acceptable if your information is more technical and not organized in the way you will ultimately present it finally. You will have time to move pieces around and to get better ideas of how you want to arrange the information over the course of your module-wise research.Don’t forget your audience. Not only does this project contain guidelines for use by the company, but it can also be a teaching tool. Even though each section may not apply to each employee, each topic should contain a short summary of the topic so that employees will have some knowledge of the issue even if it does not apply to them.The information from your module-wise research should be distilled into usable material for your guidelines. In , you will create a bibliography from the sources you use in each module and submitting it with your guidelines.All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

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