Social Work Article Critique Research Paper

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The purpose of the assignment is to critically analyze an article about a research project
for its quality. In this process, you will review the published social work research article
and be guided through the critical review process with the following series of questions.
The task involves analyzing one article using the questions provided below.

THE ARTICLE WILL BE on :Davidson, L., Borg, M., Izabel, M., Topor, A., Mezzina, R. and Sells, D. (2005).
Process of recovery in serious mental illness: Findings from a multinational study.
American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, 8(1), 177-801.

If the article is qualitative, answer only those relevant qualitative questions. If the article
is quantitative, answer the quantitative questions. If it is a mixed-method study, answer
the relevant questions from both sections.
This list of questions is thorough. If you have answered a question in a previous section,
it is not necessary to answer it again.
In your final write-up, bold the terms that indicate you have answered that question. For
– “The problem was clearly articulated when the author stated, “The problem
to be studied is the incidence of domestic violence among refugee
– “The scope of this study involved looking at all children under the age of
– “The literature review in this study included articles through the years 1989
to 2011 from the following disciplines…
– “The limitations of this study might include a lack of generalizability because
it’s only about Hispanic people…

Review the article completely and then answer the following questions and points.
Problem Articulation and Author’s Perspective:
1. What is the problem/research question, concern or issues for
exploration/investigation in this study?
2. Is it stated clearly or not?
3. Is the significance of the problem (scope-extent, severity-seriousness) and
relevance discussed?
4. Describe the type of literature review (in the context of the findings (contextual),
before the research (theoretical), about the methodology (methodological), or
throughout the entire article (integrative)?
5. What is the scope of the literature that was reviewed?
· Types of publications, Disciplines, Time-line
· Is it at an appropriate location in the article?
6. How is the literature used to develop, formulate, or elaborate the problem for
study? Is the literature used appropriately?
7. Do the authors critically analyze the literature they use?
· Is the literature assessed? Are the strengths & limitations cited?
Sampling and Design:
8. What are the sampling strategies? (random, purposive, stratified, quota,
· Where did they get their sample?
· What is the relationship between the target population and the sample?
· Have the authors discussed and explained sample size?
· Is attrition addressed? Is sampling bias discussed? Are gender and culture
· Is the sample appropriately selected?
Data Collection and Analysis:
9. Describe the method, source, and type of data collected, e.g. Historical,
ethnographic, interviews, Source and Type (transcripts, etc.
10. What are the data collection procedures and are they clearly described?
· How are data obtained, Recording instruments, Timeframe and location
· Who collects data, training and qualifications?
11. What types of analyses are used? Are these clearly explained?
12. Did they provide a rationale/explanation for their choice of data analysis?
13. Is there sufficient detail to follow, understand, and assess the data analysis?
Findings, Discussion, Conclusion, Implications:
14. How do the authors present their data?
15. Do the authors present a discussion that is consistent with their expectations or
16. What are the limitations of the study and are they discussed?
17. Are the conclusions supported by the findings?
18. Are claims discussed that are not supported by the findings in the study?
19. Do the authors discuss unexpected or inconclusive findings in the conclusion?
20. Do the authors generalize the findings and is this appropriate?
21. Do the authors claim the study contributes to knowledge, research, and practice?
· How responsible are these claims?
· Do they accurately reflect actual findings of the study?
Overall Assessment:
22. Were you able to locate information in the article to answer most of the
23. Are there a significant number of questions that you could not answer?
24. Was the study well written and easy to follow?
25. Using this Analysis as a guide, would you say this study was outstanding,
excellent, good, fair, weak, poor, or unacceptable?

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