Sociology research paper!

About: Consider the work of Paulo Freire in Padagogy of the oppressed. You need to think about both individual experience and thw collective experience. You should consider The idea of the “banking method” of education and the drastically uneven distribution of education funding by class and race. You may add data from documentaries such as “percious knowledge”, “children in America’s school. I need you to use these 5 terms: banking method of education, automaton, alienation, problem-posing of education and Liberating education.   The paper: -how is education an agent of socialization? What are we actually learning thorough our years in school? Exmaine how our education system reflects the biases and limits of our society? -Freire discusses how education should transformative and lead to freedom. what does he mean by this? How do you feel about it? What might this mean for your experience with education? -why is education so important? What does it provide to the society overall? Why do sociologists study education?  * i need references in the last page*

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