SONY logistics; SONY Distribution Center and logistics and the following topics Custom Essay

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– Reducing the Environmental Impact of Logistics through Improvement of Package Design
– Reduction of Packaging Materials Used in Transferring Products and Parts in Factories and Warehouses
– Promoting Modal Shift

– Enhancing Transportation Efficiency by Intra-Industry Collaboration and Milk Run Transportation

– By changing unloading port, shortening truck haul distance in Japan

– Introduction of Environmentally Conscious Vehicles
Please I need numbers, measurements, and facts about their system, staff, and logistics fleet. I have read about reducing the Environmental Impact of Logistics in SONY website please I need from you to include it in the essay.
Kindly you are encouraged to include illustrations, statistical tables and graphs where these are relevant.
Please use this link to have more information about the topic that I want you to write about:
Please note the following:
– Please do not write a paper on a general theories and general principles about logistics and warehouses. I need practical information, you are argued to research about this topic which describes the SONY Distribution Centers, system, logistics, supply chain and capabilities which will enable you to illustrate what you can say with the key words and principles that you are searching about
– The paper should be 5 pages or 6 pages of good dense material, with another page of references and sources.
– The research component is critically important kindly you are encouraged to investigate your subject thoroughly.
– Please be careful about plagiarism, the professor using plagiarism detector software.

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