Standard of Technology: A clear argument dealing with one or more of the texts we’ve read for the class Research Paper

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There are several basic criteria:
1. A clear argument dealing with one or more of the texts we’ve read for the class, or with points or issues raised during the class discussion.
The short essays are NOT book reports or even summaries of the texts; they are meant to represent your critical thinking on the text(s) or discussion from class, and you must argue your point and back it up with specific reference to the text(s) or class discussion. If you refer to the texts, please use standard footnote protocol (cf Chicago Manual).
2. Clear engagement with fundamental concepts, arguments, or theses of the author of the text(s)
The short essays are not simply your opinions; they demonstrate that you have digested and internalized important concepts, arguments, or theses of the texts.
3. Coherent, concise, and clear writing
The short essays must not be sloppy in terms of spelling, grammar, and syntax. I encourage those of you who are not native english writers to give your short essays to a friend to check your writing before you circulate your essays. I’d add that concise writing is also key. That is why these assignments are called ‘short essays’. Keep within the word count, please.
4. Original work
These essays are designed to represent your original thinking and writing. Do not copy the writing of others and pretend that it is your own, original work. This is cheating and plagiarism. Those found plagiarizing will be given an immediate F for the course.

I need to post this in so please DONOT plagiarize. As you can see our universit is very strict on this issue. Please do not plagiarize this is very serious!!!

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