Steps of controlling: establish objectives and standards, measure actual performance, compare actual performance with objectives and standards and take necessary action custom essay

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Types of controlling: feedforward controls, concurrent controls, feedback controls
Please focus on the text book(introduction to management) and the article(below), as well as other sources, follow the requirements below. Thank you.
Assignment 1 & 1b: ?Management is Everywhere? (due Week 6) -10 or 15 marks*

The Lecturer says that the practices, processes and techniques of managers and management are widely used in the achievement of goals and objectives in all aspects of everyday life ? that is, not only in the context of business, although this will be the main focus of the unit?s study.

The task of the first assignment requires students to find a contemporary situation, reported in a newspaper, in which a major function of the management process or a more general management topic can be identified (Schermerhorn, Chapter 1, pp.19-20). The situation may not be related to business.

Preamble: Several basic management functions as well as other management topics are either covered or introduced in the first four weeks of the ITM lectures.
The Task: discuss the role or purpose of that function or topic. Select a newspaper article (Watchdog analysing Jetstar’s servicing) that is related to the chosen function or topic. Summarise the article and evaluate it in terms of the role the function or topic plays in the article
To perform the above task, you will need to ?

? Define, in your own words, the ?topic? or ?function? you have chosen, using the prescribed textbook, Management: foundations & applications, 1st ed., 2011, by Schermerhorn and others; Enhance your definition with at least two other references which help you to explain the role and/or purpose the topic or function plays in a management context;
? Summarise the article in your own words
? Explain how the function or topic plays a significant role in the newspaper article

Your paper must include:

? a title (be a bit creative ? use your intelligence and imagination. It should not repeat the title of the newspaper article);
? a two-paragraph introduction about the intentions of the paper ? stating briefly ?
(1) something about the general topic (function/topic) chosen; and
(2) the paper?s intended structure (the assignment?s ?statement of purpose? ? what the assignment is going to cover ? your 2nd paragraph) ?
? a definition or explanation of the management function or topic identified, including the role or purpose it serves in management of any sort (the subject of your discussion) ? in your own words and correctly referenced;
? an attached, photocopy of the article(below);
? a discussion of the significance or role that the topic or function plays in the situation actually reported in the newspaper article. (Note: you are permitted some discretion and speculation in responding to some aspects of the reported situation which may not be included in the actual newspaper article.);
? use of sub-headings (to give the assignment self-evident structure)
? a conclusion;
? references within the paper (at least four, including the ITM textbook and the newspaper article) in the Harvard style; and
? a Reference List (entitled ?References?), prepared correctly in Harvard style, as a separate, one-page, attachment
Watchdog analysing Jetstar’s servicing(news paper article)
By Andrew Heasley July 9, 2011
QANTAS’S no-frills subsidiary, Jetstar, has come under the scrutiny of the aviation safety regulator over aircraft maintenance, adding to the sense of crisis in Australian aviation after the grounding of Tiger Airways.
The Civil Aviation Safety Authority will check the rigour of Jetstar’s maintenance systems and processes, after finding out planes were not fully serviced to schedule.
Jetstar hurriedly pulled four Airbus A320s from service on Thursday night to attend to overlooked and overdue maintenance.
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Yesterday Jetstar admitted to an ”administrative issue” with its aircraft servicing. It had informed the safety regulator of its mistakes.
”We have robust safety procedures in place and as part of this identified some routine maintenance tasks that should have been completed within specific time limits,” a spokeswoman, Andrea Wait, said.
”As soon as the administrative issue was identified it was rectified and none of the tasks were safety significant [sic].
”There was no risk to the safety of the aircraft.”
The belated service items included testing emergency light batteries, sampling hydraulic fluid and lubrication of door switches, she said.
Separately, the Herald has been reliably told that there is one Jetstar Airbus on the tarmac in Christchurch that will be tested for volcanic ash contamination after a white powdery substance was found on leading edges of engine compressor fan blades.
On the maintenance front, the Herald has been told Jetstar’s computer tracks aircraft components in two distinct ways: components that need servicing by flying hours, and those that need servicing by date intervals.
But airline staff only realised late on Thursday afternoon that they had only been looking at the service items by flying hours, and had overlooked those by date intervals.
It is not known how long this had gone on.
The Civil Aviation Safety Authority will now examine Jetstar’s system.
”We will look carefully at what they’ve done and to make sure their systems are robust and operating correctly,” a spokesman for the authority, Peter Gibson, said.
The vice-president of the Australian and International Pilots Association, Richard Woodward, said he hoped the lapse was ”not a genuine oversight regarding engineering of an aeroplane”.
”We cannot afford that – the risk is too high,” he said.
Meanwhile, TIGER Airways Australia’s new chief executive says the grounded airline is focusing on a fresh start and will have a long-term future in Australia.
Tony Davis, brought in from the airline’s Singapore-based parent, said he was conducting a comprehensive review of the Australian operation.
With Tiger now grounded for a month by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Mr Davis said the airline was working to tackle the regulator’s safety concerns.
Mr Davis was CEO of Tiger Airways Holdings but took over as CEO of the Australian company from Wednesday night. He replaced Crawford Rix, who Tiger announced was leaving the company after CASA extended its grounding

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