Strategic Human Resource Management custom essay

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Read Wesfarmers corporate objective and Hills Industries vision and values and group strategy. Visit each company’s website ( and . Briefly describe what you think each company would be like to work for and the type of person who would best fit the culture.

Wesfarmers primary objective is to provide a satisfactory return to shareholders.
We aim to achieve this by:
– Satisfying the needs of customer through the provision of goods and services on a competitive and professional basis
– Providing a safe and fulfilling working environment for employees, rewarding good performance and providing opportunities for advancement
– Contributing to the growth and prosperity of the countries in which we operate by conducting existing operations in an efficient manner and by seeking out opportunities for expansion
– Responding to the attitudes and expectations of the communities in which we operate
– Placing a strong emphasis on protection of the environment
– Acting with integrity and honestly in dealings both inside and outside the company

Vision and values
Hills is a diversified company operating in three industry segments, namely Electronic Security and Entertaiment; Home, Hardware and Eco; and Building and Industrial Products. We aim to be market leader in the industries in which we operate, supplying innovative, quality products to our customers and to achieve superior financial performance that provide strong shareholder values.

To achieve this we value and promote:
– A leadership style which encourages autonomy and initative
– Commercial acumen with a focus on profitability and value
– A never-ending process of continuous improvement
– Being open, ethical and earning the trust of those we deal with and
– A culture of individual development, personal growth and safety

Group strategy
Our strategy is to develop competitive businesses in three main industry segments being Electronic Security and Entertaiment; Building and Industrial Products and Home, Hardware and Eco Products. We are committed to diversification in order to minimize the impact of short-term changes to individual markets and economies. We aim to be product innovators and market leaders.

Our objective overall is to grow revenue and earnings through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions. We aim to be good corporate citizens in all aspect in our business dealings. We look to provide a safe working environment for all of our employees in which they can develop to their potential.

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