Strategic Logistics Management Research Paper

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Prepare a report of no more than 3,000 words, (excluding your chosen case study, appendices and bibliography) analysing and criticising a case study chosen from the literature illustrating an application of a logistics strategy.

Assignment Brief

Find a research paper which describes an application of a logistics strategy at a retailer such as Walmart or Marks & Spencers. Research the paper and identify the strategic position of the subject company in a logistics context. Use your chosen retailer to identify important features of the logistics strategy by answering the following questions:

i. List and justify business strategy tools that could be used to identify the current strategic position of the subject company in your chosen paper from a logistics perspective. 20 marks

ii. Evaluate the key strategic approaches to logistics management used in your chosen case study. Critically assess any additional logistics strategy
approaches that could have been used to develop existing logistics capabilities. 30 marks

iii. Identify the management issues caused by implementing a new logistics strategy with consideration for available capital, technical and human
resources. 10 marks

iv. Outline the strategic significance of new technology developments and business trends on future logistic strategies for your chosen case study.10 marks

The overall grade will be influenced by the application of the chosen case study as well as the clarity and justification of ideas presented in the report. This assignment will account for 70% of the coursework assessment for this module.

Do not forget to include a word count & a copy of your chosen case study.

In Open Document Format only. DO NOT use docx file format

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