Supply the missing premises in the following arguments Research Paper

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Instructions: Supply the missing premises in the following arguments.
1. I am talking to a mammal; therefore, I am talking to a human.
2. Vincent just had a big lasagna dinner, so I know he is very happy now.
3. Whenever your car’s engine is flooded, you should put the accelerator right to the floor and then try to start it. So floor it and try again.
4. Living in a large metropolis like Chicago is much more stressful than living in a small town. That is probably why Jennifer is more uptight than her sister.
5. Well, it’s no wonder he failed his mid-term. He skipped more classes than he attended.
Part II: Deductive vs. Inductive Arguments
Instructions: For each of the following arguments, decide first whether the argument is best understood as
a deductive or inductive one; then indicate whether it is valid or invalid strong or weak.
6. If Frodo makes it through Shelob’s lair, then Bilbo will be saved. If Bilbo is saved, then Gollum will lose his precious ring. So, if Frodo makes it through Shelob’s lair, then Gollum will lose his precious ring.
7. In each of the past forty years, more than 15 inches of rain has fallen in Seattle. So, more than 15 inches of rain will probably fall next year in Seattle.
8. Washington is the only city in the District of Columbia. The District of Columbia is in the United
States. Therefore, Washington is the capital of the United States.
9. The city council is unfair to city employees. Jones is a city councilor. Hence, Jones is unfair to city employees.
Part III: Diagramming Arguments
Instructions: Diagram the following arguments using the procedure discussed in the text. Where
appropriate, supply any missing premises.
10. Anyone who has brains and ambition will go far in this world. Carla has certainly got plenty of both, so
she will go far.
11. I have never had any problems with the last four Fords I’ve bought, so I don’t think I’ll have any
problems this time.
12. The Mets should win the National League pennant this year. They have solid depth in their pitching staff, their hitting has been consistently good this year, their coaching is excellent, and there is a good team spirit.
13. I have a headache, but hopefully it’ll go away now. I just took two aspirins, since Aspirins relieve headaches.
14. Driving a car without a seatbelt is dangerous. Statistics show you are 10 times more likely to be
injured in an accident if you are not wearing a seat belt. Besides, in our state you can get fined $100 if you are caught not wearing one. You ought to wear one even if you are driving a short distance.
Part IV: Diagramming Longer Arguments
Instructions: Diagram the following arguments using the procedure discussed in the text. Where
appropriate, supply any missing premises.
15. When the North American Free Trade Agreement was negotiated, it had the support of the President
and all the governors. In several states the opposing parties voted to ratify the agreement. So
politicians of both political parties across the United States strongly supported the agreement.
However, the vast majority of Americans outside Washington, D.C. and a significant minority inside
Washington, D.C. were strongly opposed to the agreement. Therefore, the politicians were out of
touch with the views of the people.
16. I just heard about another lawsuit accusing the Vatican of hiding instances of sexual abuse by priests
in Canada and the US. Sexual abuse is never OK, but I think such cases should be dismissed by
courts in light of the community stature and function of priests and the benefits that accrue to society in the aftermath of the decision. Let’s consider community stature first. The community stature of priests must always be taken into account in these abuse cases. A priest is not just anybody; he performs a special role in society-namely, to provide spiritual guidance and to remind people that there is both a moral order and a divine order in the world. The priest’s role is special because it helps to underpin and secure society itself. Anything that could undermine this role must be neutralized as soon as possible. Among those things that can weaken the priestly role are publicity, public debate, and legal actions. Abuse cases are better handled in private by those who are keenly aware of the importance of a positive public image of priests. And what of the benefits of curtailing the legal proceedings? The benefits to society of dismissing the legal case outweigh all the alleged disadvantages of continuing with public hearings. The primary benefit is the continued nurturing of the community’s faith, without which the community would cease to function effectively.

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