Taxation in UK Custom Essay Research Paper

Taxation Finance Act2011. need bibliography. some friends of mine made orders in your web, pls do not ask for the same writer because we will be marked by the same lecturer. no copy pls.
Assignment-2500 words
For United Kingdom only answer the following questions?

1. The UK taxation system basically consists of (a) taxes on income and profits. (b) taxes
on capital, and (c) Duties on goods and services (HRMC duties). Discussing only income
tax and corporation tax answer the following questions:
1) Scope – who is taxed and under what circumstances?
2) What is taxable – e.g. types of income, and what are the tax rates?
3) What is the relevant tax period?
2. What is the relative importance of direct and indirect taxes in United Kingdom?
What are the implications of this (use 2010-11 figures)?

3. Discuss how much revenue each type of tax generates as an absolute amount and as a percentage of the total government expenditure (use 2009/10 UK government expenditure figures if 2010-11 figures are not available). (15 marks).

4. Compare the progressivity of income tax and corporation tax in the United Kingdom.

(15 marks)
5. For income and corporation tax identify who is responsible for notification of income and payment of tax and when?
(10 marks)
6. Has United Kingdom felt the need to respond to competitive pressures mentioned in the statement above and how? (10 marks)

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