Teaching for Learning in Clinical Settings custom essay

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Ensure you have read the assessment item 1 instructions that can be found in the course website at Learning @Griffith on the Assessment page.
The teaching plan can be set out in any style you want as long as it includes the required areas of:
? Aim/s
? Teacher objectives
? Teaching strategies including choice of teaching model/learning theories and the rationale for their use
? Learner outcomes
? Evaluation strategies

The word count for your teaching plan is 1500-2000 words excluding references. The plan is to be presented in essay format. References should be no less than 10 and follow APA Style 6th Ed.

You are required to provide a clear teaching plan ? you can set this out in any style you want. I have given an example below about the sorts of questions you will need to ask in planning your teaching. Bear in mind that these questions are by no means exhaustive.

Some previous students have found it useful to use the information in the table below to help them plan each stage of the teaching plan.

Aims Teacher Objectives Teaching strategies Learner Outcomes Evaluation strategies

What topic is it that you wish to teach- why? What do want your learners to achieve? This will depend on who you are trying to teach and what you wish to teach. What strategies are you going to use to deliver the teaching session including the teaching model/teaching theories you will use and why How will you know that your learner/s have learned what you have taught them. What tools will you use to measure whether learning has taken place?

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